The Macsata-Kornegay Group, Inc. (TMKG) is the premier full-service professional consulting firm, offering services in political consulting and fundraising. TMKG offers professional consulting services in the following areas:

  • Campaign 2.0
  • Communications
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • Image Enhancement
  • Marketing
  • Media Strategies
  • Nonprofit Remediation
  • Trainings


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All campaigns — whether you're a candidate a running for political office or an executive running a nonprofit trying to raise awareness — must embrace the intersection between people and technology in today's environment. Rapid messaging, constant contact, and interactive social networks are only the beginning of the process. Welcome to the world of "Campaign 2.0" (sometimes known as Web 2.0 or Advocacy 2.0).

You don't have to look far to witness the power of Campaign 2.0. It has been demonstrated successfully in President Barack Obama's historical presidential campaign in 2008, or in Massachusetts with Scott Brown's upset victory to the U.S. Senate in 2010, or even Ron Paul's single-day record-breaking money bomb during the GOP presidential primary in 2012. But not all candidates even leverage Campaign 2.0 — and even many nonprofit organizations are still trying to understand the importance of those useful strategies — evidenced by the groundbreaking report released in the fall of 2009.

TMKG can help! We have used many interactive applications and strategies to grow your donor base, as well as expand collaborative relationships using the following techniques:

  • Computer-Based Simulated Environments
  • Contact Management Systems
  • Social Networks
  • Social Media Portals
  • Short Message Services
  • Web Mapping Services
  • Money Bombs



TMKG specializes in developing comprehensive communication plans to help improve your message. Our plans are successful because they focus on communication strategies that are proven winners. We will focus on the following areas:

  • Procedural streamlining
  • Points-of-contact
  • Economies-of-scale
  • Grassroots development
  • Electronic communications
  • Social media integration



TMKG offers customized event planning consultation for your upcoming fundraiser, conference, or meeting. Successfully planning and executing an event requires experience, patience... and the ability to prepare for the unexpected. Did you know that traditional formats are increasingly being replaced with innovative and interactive ones? We can manage the following events:

  • Conferences
  • Fundraisers
  • Meet & Greets
  • Speaking Engagements



TMKG specializes in political fundraising. While raising money is a known necessity in political campaigns and nonprofit development, people claim that they do no know how, or simply hate to ask for money. During the last 15 years, TMKG has raised more than $100 million dollars in political contributions and coordinated more than 200 fundraisers with high-profile dignitaries, such as former President George H.W. Bush, former First Lady Laura Bush, former Vice-President Dick Cheney, former Governor Jeb Bush, former Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, just to name a few. Let our experience teach you how to leverage your personal assets as a candidate, or as a member of an association to target the appropriate donors. We will design a detailed plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.



TMKG understands first-hand the importance of grassroots advocacy in achieving legislative success at the federal, state and local levels. Having a "self-trained" army of grassroots "lobbyists" who are willing to advocate for your interests at the community level usually can pay high dividends.

Whether you're interested in influencing public policy using grassroots activities, swaying public opinion using the mass media, raising money, or simply increasing awareness about an upcoming event, our firm can help you.



Your image is a reflection of your campaign, or organization. Images should inspire creatively brilliant feelings of curiosity and confidence. Nothing is worse than dull and lackluster images.

TMKG works with professional creative and graphic designers to provide your organization with the right image for all occasions -- including logos, tag lines, advertisements, slogans, and/or websites.



TMKG recognizes the value of traditional marketing techniques in conveying a purposeful message. Marketing products and services should be tailored with content, information, and imagery for your targeted audience.


MEDIA StrategieS

Successful media relations remain an untapped resource for so many businesses, candidates and organizations. You need to approach the media with sophistication, caution, and determination. Using mass media communication involves risk, but more so if approached haphazardly with a naive understanding of how the media works.



TMKG has assisted numerous struggling nonprofits trying to modernize their organization to reflect today's changing world.



TMKG offers trainings designed for nonprofit organizations on marketing and media strategies, including:

  • Social Media Done Right
  • Marketing 101
  • Marketing 102